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Choose the right plan for you

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Basic BTC 0.3 / token
Basic functionality
Manual Burn
1 Fee/Tax
1 Week Support
Token Create Plan
Business BTC 0.5 / token
Everything in Basic +
Auto Burn
Liquidity Pool
4 Fees/Taxes
Testnet Demo
Token Custom Plan
From BTC 1 / token
Everything in Business +
Business consultancy
Code ownership
Custom functionality
Custom support
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How much can a token worth?

Currently Top DeFi Tokens Market Cap Daily Trading Volume
PancakeSwap $3 Billion $400 Million
THORChain $1.7 Billion $140 Million
SafeMoon $1.4 Billion $20 Million
Mdex $800 Million $83 Million
Kava $400 Million $137 Million
BakeryToken $300 Million $174 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the refund process work if I am not satisfied with the token I just bought?

Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds. Each token is a custom build, and once it is sent to the Mainnet or Testnet, we cannot take the token back.

What is included in the extended one-year support?

If something goes wrong, errors appear, new updates, or any general issues with your token, we take care of it free of charge.

Why is the token creation service so expensive compared with other token generators on the market?

First of all, all our token contracts are not automatically generated; they are written by a dev based on each project's requirements. Suppose you plan to invest in your token and hope to reach a market cap of over $100 million and over $10-20 million of daily transactions. In that case, our suggestion is to build a custom token, not one generated for $20/token.

Can I trial a custom build Token?

No, you can Trial only the basic plan for token creation. If you are satisfied with the token, you can upgrade later to the business plan or the custom one if you want to build a custom token.

How many trials can I request?

We only allow one trial per person. Up to 3 trials per person, in the case you are a paid TokensRoket customer.

Is there a time limit for each trial?

No, the only condition is to keep your 500K in hodl on our platform. As long as you do that, you can use your trial token. Once you remove the 500K from hodl, your trial ends.

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